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1. Angel Eyes - Pointe                                                                                                                                 Tights: Pink    Shoes: Pink Pointe

Class - Tuesday 8:30, Miss Amanda

2. Doctor My Eyes - Tap                                                                                                                            Tights: Tan     Shoes: Black Tap

Classes - Monday 5:30, Miss Amanda

                 Tuesday 4:30, Miss Lisa

                 Thursday 4:30, Miss Gina

3. When Will I See You Again? - Ballet                                                                                              Tights: White  Shoes: White

Classes - Thursday 4:30, Miss Amanda

                 Friday 12:15, Miss Amanda

                 Friday 1:30, Miss Amanda

                 Saturday 10:15, Miss Amanda

4. (I Saw) The Sign - Jazz                                                                                                                   Tights: Tan       Shoes: Tan

Classes - Wednesday 4:30, Miss Nichole

                 Friday 5:30, Miss Toni

                 Saturday 9:00, Miss Kirsten

5. Brown Eyed Girl - Tap                                                                                                                    Tights: Tan       Shoes: Black

Classes - Tuesday 6:30, Miss Lisa

6. In Your Eyes - Modern                                                                                                                   Tights: Tan       Shoes: None

Classes - Tuesday 7:30, Miss Colleen

                 Thursday 6:30, Miss Amanda

7. See You Again - Hip Hop                                                                                                               Tights: Tan       Shoes: Black

Classes - Monday 6:30, Miss April

                 Monday 7:30, Miss April

                 Tuesday 5:30, Miss Lisa

                 Friday 4:30, Miss Toni

8. Together Again - Hip Hop                                                                                                             Tights: Tan       Shoes: Black

Class - Monday 8:30, Miss April

9. Look Into the Future - Modern                                                                                                   Tights: Tan       Shoes: None

Class - Monday 7:30, Miss Amanda

10. Look Through My Eyes - Ballet                                                                                                 Tights: Pink      Shoes: Pink

Classes - Tuesday 6:30, Miss Amanda

                 Wednesday 7:30, Miss Amanda

11. Reflection - Lyrical                                                                                                                         Tights: Tan        Shoes: Tan

Classes - Thursday 6:30, Miss Kirsten

                 Friday 5:30, Miss Amanda

12. Look What I've Found - Jazz                                                                                                      Tights: Tan        Shoes: Tan

Class - Monday 6:30, Miss Nichole

13. What I've Been Looking For - Jazz                                                                                          Tights: Tan        Shoes: Tan

Classes - Monday 4:30, Miss Amanda

                 Monday 4:30, Miss Nichole

                 Monday 5:30, Miss Nichole

                 Saturday 10:15, Miss Kirsten

14. Perfect - Lyrical                                                                                                                              Tights: Tan        Shoes: Tan

Classes - Monday 8:30, Miss Amanda

                 Thursday 7:30, Miss Amanda

                 Thursday 7:30, Miss Kirsten

15. Vision of Love - Lyrical                                                                                                                Tights: Tan        Shoes: Tan

Class - Thursday 8:30, Mr. Buddy

16. Saw Her Standing There - Tap                                                                                                  Tights: Tan       Shoes: Black

Classes - Wednesday 5:30, Miss Lisa

                 Wednesday 6:30, Miss Lisa

17. I'm A Believer - Ballet                                                                                                                   Tights: White   Shoes: White

Classes - Wednesday 4:30, Miss Amanda

                 Thursday 5:30, Miss Gina

                 Friday 3:30, Miss Amanda

                 Saturday 9:00, Miss Amanda

18. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight - Ballet                                                                         Tights: Pink       Shoes: Pink

Classes - Tuesday 5:30, Miss Amanda

                 Thursday 5:30, Miss Amanda

                 Friday 4:30, Miss Amanda

19. Something About The Way You Look Tonight - Ballet                                                    Tights: Pink       Shoes: Pink

Class - Tuesday 7:30, Miss Amanda

20. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Jazz                                                                                     Tights: Tan        Shoes: Tan

Classes - Wednesday 5:30, Miss Nichole

                 Wednesday 6:30, Miss Amanda

                 Saturday 11:30, Miss Amanda 

Another beautiful recital at Just for Kicks!  Congratulations to all the girls and teachers who work hard all year to make it happen (so effortlessly). . . And to Miss Barbara who makes her dance studio feel like a second home. Beautiful costumes, fantastic sets and awesome song choices. Happy 30th anniversary! Wishing you many more! - Dorothy

2019 Recital Pictures

The first on your list of the so many wonderful things we see at shows is “smiles” and that is what makes Just for Kicks so special. The talent soars because the dancers and teachers are having a blast. Thank you for the most professional teaching while keeping it all so much fun! This weekend was spectacular!!-Meghan

Another amazing recital! So glad the girls are a part of the Just For Kicks family!-Daniela

2018 Recital Pictures

As another recital weekend comes to a close, I just wanna say thank you to everyone at Just For Kicks for another amazing year, and a special thank you to Miss Barbara for being the wonderful woman that she is. So grateful to be a part of such an amazing show with such amazing people. I love my dance family too much. - Toni

Celebrating 15 years with Just For Kicks Dance Studio. Another spectacular recital Thank you to Miss Barbara and all the dance teachers that continue to inspire generations of dancers!!-Lore

2017 Recital Pictures

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching Hannah dance - Lyrical, Jazz and Ballet...5 shows in 2 days because it's what she loves to do. Watching her on the stage makes me smile and cry and laugh because when Hannah is dancing, she puts her entire heart and soul into the movements. You can see it in her eyes and smile and expressions...Thank you Just for Kicks and Miss Amanda Fiorentine and Miss Nichole Barnes for bringing out the best in Hannah.-Shari

Just for Kicks put on another stunning show. We are so lucky to be part of such a fun and loving community. Fiona had a fantastic time up there!-Meghan

Another awesome recital!!! The dancers and teachers of “Just For Kicks”were absolutely wonderful!!! We love you! -Betty

2016 Recital Pictures

Every year I ask my self the same thing, "How can they ever top that show?" and every year they do. Beyond amazing show Just for Kicks. I am sooo unbelievable proud of my girls, 5 shows in 2 days. Thank you Miss Barbara and all the dance teachers for making the dance studio not only a second home for my girls but also a place they look forward to spending endless hours at.-Jill

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