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2023 Recital Pictures

Thoroughly enjoyed watching all the dancers, especially my granddaughters. The music was great too! Big thank you to all the wonderful dance instructors and sending best wishes to Barbara. - Lisa

I want to thank everyone for being so kind and welcoming to her. You have opened up her eyes to the beauty of dance. I can’t thank you enough. This may be her first recital but it will not be her last. See you back in September. -  Hicania

2022 Recital Pictures

I am so happy I got to bring my daughter to the Just for Kicks dance recital! It was an amazing show and she loved watching.  Even though she is very shy, she decided she wants to be a part of this amazing performance and will be joining the Just for Kicks Family this fall! - Kristina

2021 Recital Pictures

Another great show put on by Just For Kicks this year!! I look forward to it every year! Everyone did such a wonderful job and should be proud of themselves!! The instructors did a great job teaching these girls, especially Miss Nichole! My daughter loves dance because of her!-Lauren

2019 Recital Pictures

So, every year for the last 16+ years I try to find the words to express how proud I am of my girls and how much I love our dance family. I literally go through every possible emotion, this weekend especially. This year was especially emotional cause it's Caitlin "senior year" . I am amazed at the dedication my girls have to be at the studio, every day except Sunday lol , and wouldn't have it any other way. They eat, sleep, and breathe dance and the amount of love and support Just for Kicks studio has given them is immeasurable! The support isn't just at the studio, it's in their every day lives! The dance teachers and Miss Barbara have become some of the biggest role models to my daughter's & I am forever grateful for the help you have given me to mold them into the amazing woman I am in awe of. - Jill