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Class Attire and Behavior

Class Attire:

Pre K I

clothing: tights, leotard

shoes: ballet slippers

Pre K II, NYK and K Combo

clothing: tights, leotard

shoes: ballet slippers, tap shoes


clothing: tights, leotard, skirt (optional),

shoes: pink ballet slippers

Jazz, Lyrical, Modern:

clothing: tights, leotard or unitard, shorts (optional)

shoes: tan jazz shoes  (modern - barefoot)


clothing: tights, leotard or unitard, shorts (optional)

shoes: black tap shoes

Hip Hop:

clothing: tights, leotard or unitard, shorts (optional)

shoes: black hip hop sneakers

Baggy/ill fitting clothes, street clothes, sneakers, pajamas, and jeans are not permitted. 

Hair must always be pulled back off the face.

Legs must be covered at all times.

Studio Information

Class Behavior and Etiquette:

-Jeans, jewelry, sneakers, street clothes, food, and gum are never permitted in a dance class.

-Visitors and cell phones are not permitted in dance classes.

-Please clearly label all dance shoes with child’s name.

-Failure to follow these rules for two or more classes in a row may result in your child observing the classes until the issue(s) are resolved.

-No food or drink will be permitted in the dance studio.  Water bottles are permitted but should be clearly labeled.


Important General Information:

-A valid registration form must be on file at the front desk before a dancer is permitted in class.

-Important information will be sent out via remind, please make sure you join!

-Classes are one hour in length.  Please make sure to pick up and drop off dancers promptly to ensure classes start on time and are not interrupted.  

-All classes are separation classes.  

-Students should be dance ready (hair pulled back, dressed, and wearing dance shoes) before entering the class.



-A payment guide may be picked up at the dance studio. Pricing will not be given via email or phone.

-Payments must be received by the second class of each month.

-Make-up classes are offered for any class missed during the year for an illness, vacation, or if the studio closes due to inclement weather.  If the studio is closed, as indicated on our calendar, there will be no make-up class offered.

-Registration fee is non-refundable.

-Tuition must be paid in full before recital tickets may be purchased.

-If a student drops a class you must notify the studio IMMEDIATELY to stop the billing process.  You will continue to be billed until the studio is notified.

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